Leader: Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf – Götz Thomalla

The objectives of this work package are the following:

  • Support all project partners in order to ensure that the deliverables, milestones and general aims of the project can be reached
  • Establish a regular communication between the project partners, WP leaders, members of the different boards, with the recruiting sites and ensure that everybody has the information relevant for their work
  • Guarantee that all tasks are carried out according to the contract with the European Commission and the Consortium Agreement. Additionally, it will be ensured that all changes in the project are fixed in the relevant contract

In order to reach these objectives this work package consists of the following tasks: project coordination (general tracking of the progress of all work packages and the tasks outlined there, submission of deliverables and
milestones and the regular project reporting on time, review the contribution of the WP Leaders, approval process for publications), project management (regular controlling, gather all relevant information from the project partners for the period reporting and assisting with questions related to this tasks, ensure that all discussed changes within the project will be approved by the responsible board), contractual and financial management (ensure that everything is carried out according to the contract with the European Commission and the relevant guidelines), communication management (central communication contact for all partners, organise regular meetings and telephone conferences, support all partners and WP Leaders in the communication between each other and that relevant information and results for/of their work will be exchange).

The WP Leader has experience in successful coordination of previous EU-funded projects (e.g. WAKE-UP). The main task is to coordinate all activities within the project and to ensure that everything is carried out according to the contract. Together with the WP Leaders the Coordinator will ensure that all milestones and deliverables will be achieved as agreed.


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