Oslo University Hospital


Persons involved in the project:

Anne Hege Aamodt

Consultant neurologist and manager of a cerebrovascular research infrastructure with a separate biobank and several ongoing multi-center studies and collaborators in all health regions in Norway and Scandinavia.

Description of the institution:

Oslo universitetssykehus HF (OUS) has a nationwide responsibility for a number of national and multi-regional assignments and has several national centers of competence. OUS is responsible for approximately 50 percent of all medical and healthcare research conducted at Norwegian hospitals and is a significant role player within the education of a large variety of health care personnel. The hospital is Scandinavia’s largest and each year carries out more than 1.2 million patient treatments. The aim of the hospital is to create a well functioning and efficient local hospital, to strengthen highly specialized medicine, conduct research and provide education and innovation on international levels.


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